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Career progression at Club Med

At Club Med, each employee plays a role in their own progression, they can count on the support of their manager and means made available by the Human Resources Division and the Talent University, the objective being to accompany them and promote their professional development.

The talent and personality of each employee have written and continue to write the legend of Club Med. Allowing each person to express their very best is a fundamental pillar of Club Med, a genuine school of life and a social escalator.

Join a mobility momentum!

Mobility is a strong value at Club Med. It has always been an integral part of the Club Med spirit. We strive to create professional progression opportunities for our most efficient employees and accompany them, in the long-term, to develop their potential. Mobility is processed in a cross-cutting and hierarchic way.
Our international environment represents a genuine asset for employees who want to move to other countries and find enrichment in contact with multicultural teams.

Managers make talents grow

The notion of "developer-manager' is a fundamental management principle at Club Med. Managers are particularly committed to making their staff progress. The annual interview is a privileged moment to envisage career changes according to opportunities within the group, professional objectives and each person's potential.
Our potential detection and development policy (key G.Os) is also a career booster. Every year, on the recommendation of the manager and collegial validation of Senior Management, key G.Os are identified as having the potential to take responsibilities, owing to their high level of performance and managerial potential. These employees integrate a specific program and benefit from customised HR monitoring and training with a view to developing their managerial functions in the short or medium term.

A reality expressed in figures and in facts

In 2010, professional mobility at Club Med worldwide was expressed in Head Offices and country offices by almost 200 movements. Club Med deploys a training programme dedicated to our 1,200 managers worldwide ("Manager by Club Med") in order to accompany development, motivation and performance of its employees. In parallel, once a year, more than 100 key G.Os at Head Office and in country offices integrated a dedicated development programme. The Talent Campus, held in the village of Vittel, transformed for the occasion into a School Village, allows more than 2,000 employees from different countries to be trained in behaviour and know-how for their profession and management. This annual event allows all participants to share the Club Med experience, also consisting of sharing and conviviality.